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Windows 7 wallpapers made available

Mmm rockpools
Mmm rockpools

For those with a penchant for wallpapers, spiced with a little desire to make your old PC look a bit next generation, the official Microsoft Windows 7 wallpapers have been made available for download.

Official Windows Vista magazine has managed to persuade Microsoft to allow them to put not only the UK wallpapers on their site, including the famous Beta fish, but also those from Australia and the US as well.

National pride

Okay, so you could probably have tracked them down through unofficial channels, but now you can see in one easy glance which nation got the best deal.

Personally TechRadar likes the purple sunset from the US wallpapers, or the Australian rock pools.

Anyway – the official wallpapers are all available on the Official Windows Vista magazine site for your delectation.