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More changes to Windows 7 announced

Windows 7 changes
Windows 7 changes

Microsoft has revealed a few more of the key changes it will be bringing to Windows 7, as it moves inexorably towards launch.

After pushing more than 30 changes between the public Beta build of Windows 7 and the release candidate (RC) at the end of February, Microsoft's ever-excellent Engineering Windows 7 blog has revealed a few more things to keep an eye out for.

This time there are 27 things that have moved on from the Beta – much of it changed as a direct result of public feedback.


One of the items on the list details changes to the much-maligned 'Safely Remove Hardware' function – which has been tweaked extensively and is now called 'Eject'.

"During the Windows 7 Beta, customers still had the Safely Remove Hardware functionality available on the taskbar as well as an Eject option on the context menus of applicable devices in Devices and Printers, says the blog.

"Based on feedback, we have integrated these two separate pieces of functionality in RC and have changed its name from "Safely Remove" to "Eject".

Search by artist

Other changes include being able to search through music by artist and more sensible right-click behaviour in Windows Explorer.

You can check out all the changes on the Engineering Windows 7 blog.

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