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Pokémon Go could be getting a new Pokémon shaped like a nut

Pokémon Go

A brand new Pokémon has made an appearance in Pokémon Go, causing mass confusion among players.

According to Polygon, at the end of a Pokémon Go community event in Japan, a new, never-before-seen Pokémon spawned. The new Pokémon reportedly has a white jelly-like body (a bit like a ditto) and a hexagonal metal nut for a head. However, when the Pokemon was caught its name was simply shown as ???, it had ??? CP, and – to further add to the confusion – it turned into a ditto.

Fans have therefore speculated about whether this mysterious new Pokémon was merely a glitch or if it will be seen in Pokémon Go at a later date.

New Pokémon?

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the prospect of new Pokémon. Previously, data miner Chrales uncovered information on a third generation chameleon Pokémon called Kecleon. The icon Chrales found looks like the  the mysterious Pokémon which appeared – meaning this is perhaps its debut

But the strangest thing about Kecleon is that its Pokédex number is 891, making it a generation eight Pokémon – which haven’t been released yet. This could mean that the mysterious Pokémon is part of a new, unreleased generation which could debut in the upcoming Pokémon Let's Go games, or beyond.

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Nintendo hasn't confirmed or denied these theories, however a teaser tweet from Niantic's head of marketing, Kento Suga, suggests Niantic is teasing something big.