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Leica refuels full-frame sensor debate

Would you Leica a full-sensor Rangefinder?
Would you Leica a full-sensor Rangefinder?

The 'will they, won't they' debate that surrounds Leica and full-frame sensors continues this week, with news that the company's rangefinders could have full-frame sensor in the future.

The idea of a full-frame sensor in a Leica has been a bone of contention for some time.

It even cost the company's CEO his job when he mentioned in an interview to Amateur Photographer last year that Leica was "seriously considering" a full-frame sensor for its M8 rangefinder series.

See what technology brings

Well it seems that lightning has struck twice for AP, as the magazine has managed to coax another Leica representative into not dismissing the use of full-frame sensors in the rangefinder range.

Christian Erhardt, director of marketing for Leica USA's Photographic Division, said the Amateur Photographer at PMA in Las Vegas last week that: "We are always looking for new products… We will have to see what technology brings."

Tenuous maybe, but he certainly doesn't rule it out.

If it were to happen, an overhaul of the Leica rangefinder would have to take place, as fitting such a large sensor in a rangefinder body would be an almost impossible task.

Via Wired