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Vodafone launches signal finder on Twitter

Vodafone mashes up Twitter, a map and some signal
Vodafone mashes up Twitter, a map and some signal

Vodafone has launched a new Twitter mashup tool that lets you see how much signal exists in any given area of the UK.

Users simply use the hashtag #vodafonesignal and state their location, the type of connection (i.e. GPRS or 3G), signal strength, whether you're indoors or outdoors and which handset you're using.

The results then show up on an interactive map, where you can see the average signal strength in your area... presumably to find out whether you get a contract on the Vodafone network.

Or perhaps if you're already with Vodafone, where you should move to in order to get the best signal, if you're that in love with the red network.

Non Twitterers take heart

Of course there's an option for non-Twitterati: simply go over to the Vodafone UK signal website and click the 'Not on Twitter' option to add manually if you're still desperate to be involved.

Vodafone has a long history with Twitter mashups - it was behind the service which lets you Tweet where you're going on holiday last year too.

If you're still confused (in which case, maybe you should leave this whole thing alone today and concentrate on making biscuits) then check out the video below to see how it works: