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Vodafone dropping HTC HD2 after two months

The HD2 - Vodafone doesn't want it any more
The HD2 - Vodafone doesn't want it any more

Vodafone has confirmed that it will be dropping the HTC HD2 despite it only recently going on sale.

The story first appeared on Electric Pig, and we've since had official confirmation from Vodafone that this will the case.

It seems the addition of the iPhone has mixed things up over at Vodafone HQ, with the device mentioned as part of a 'strong line up of smartphones next year', which is the reason Vodafone isn't going to be stocking the HD2 any more.

Even high interest isn't enough

"There's been a great deal of interest since we made the HTC HD2 available to buy in November and our initial supply quickly sold out," said the statement.

Vodafone says it will still honour the orders it has on backlog, and is bringing in more stock to fulfil these, but when this has run out users will no longer be able to pick up the HD2 from the big red network.

It's an odd choice, as the network only began stocking it in November, and customers have quickly warmed to the new device, which makes sense given the acclaim its received since its release.

We had a quick chat to O2, which is also stocking the phone, and it said that it is getting so many orders for the device that it hasn't even put it online yet so it can fulfil them all - and a spokesperson also pointed out that you can get BOTH the iPhone and HTC HD2 from the bubbly carrier.

We'll have a word with HTC to see if its upset about the move - but it's probably too focused on the Bravo to even care.

Via Electric Pig

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