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O2 responds to Google's Nexus One phone

O2 looking at Google Nexus One?
O2 looking at Google Nexus One?

After the announcement of the Google Nexus One phone, where Vodafone was announced as the European provider, O2 has decided to respond to the launch.

O2 has sent TechRadar a fairly cryptic message about the Google Nexus One, one which clashes with the network's usual apple-esque strategy of ruling itself out of any launches until the last minute:

"We have been following Google's announcement with interest.

"We welcome innovation in our industry, and have already seen devices such as the Apple iPhone and Palm Pre have a huge effect on the way people use their mobile phones. Things are moving fast and the range of services available on phones is increasing rapidly, so our aim is to help customers choose the right phone for them."

No current announcement

"We have no current announcement to make about supporting the Google Nexus One, but we will continue to review and refresh our product range to ensure we meet the demands of our customers."

While it hasn't been tipped as a potential network to carry the phone, it was telling that in the Q&A session, when asked about 3G networks in Europe, Google specifically mentioned O2 and Orange.

We'll keep hounding the network to find out if it will be an official partner, but until then you can still pre-order the phone SIM free and use it on O2 if you've had enough of your iPhone.