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Nokia updates N900 to include Facebook chat

Nokia still intent on upgrading the N900
Nokia still intent on upgrading the N900

Nokia has finally upgraded the N900 to include a large number of updates that helps turn the internet behemoth into a more mainstream phone.

Among the highlights of the 1.2 rollout is the integration of Facebook chat to the Nokia N900, meaning you can talk to your buddies easily without having to enter the main Facebook page.

Skype Video calling has also been added, joining the ability to call your friends over VOIP and perhaps helping better quality video calling become mainstream (after all, Apple is doing it...)

One handed fun

Portrait browsing is also possible, meaning you don't have to hold the phone in two hands all the time - something that really marked it out against its smartphone peers.

Email and calendar functionality has been improved to include enhanced search, better copy and paste and the ability to accept calendar invitations in emails.

But in our view the biggest upgrade is to the Ovi Store - those of you out there playing Angry Birds Level One but finding themselves unable to buy more packs will find that the world is now a brighter place thanks to Nokia fixing the Ovi Store.

Sadly those of you using older versions of the Maemo OS won't be able to access the Ovi Store any more, as Nokia looks to force through this upgrade to everyone - but for Angry Birds alone we think it should be checked out.

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