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Nokia shifting dual-core smartphone plans

Nokia unsure on dual core plans
Nokia unsure on dual core plans

Nokia has told TechRadar at a press briefing that it will be bringing dual-core phones in the future, but hasn't decided on how the hardware will be brought to the market.

The Finnish firm is lagging behind the competition in some respect when it comes to raw specs, with the new Nokia X7 handset being launched with a 680MHz processor.

The company has previously confirmed that it will be bringing dual-core smartphones on the Symbian platform at the end of the year, but it seems those plans might have been re-thought in the light of the Windows Phone 7 announcement.

Slower is still enough

Ilari Nurmi, head of product marketing for smart devices for Nokia, still evangelised the current hardware, stating that the company's CPU and graphics processor integration offers equal performance to the competition at a lower speed (which is crucial in saving battery life:

"We obviously have the architecture, where on top of the CPU we have dedicated graphics acceleration; this basically enables us to get more out of product than we would be typically able to from a 680MHz processor."

"We will do dual-core smartphones in the future; the question is when and on what platforms we will bring that and when. We will let the public know [when we plan to announce these] when the time is right."

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