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Motorola mobile posts first operating profit in years

Moto has bounced back in 2010 with a host of top Android handsets

Motorola's mobile division has posted a $3 million operating profit in its Q3 earnings report, sending its shares way up in the process.

The staggering turnaround for the company, which recorded a $183m loss for the same period last year, appears to be down to the success of its range of Android phones.

The Droid, Droid 2 and Droid X phones have been hugely popular in the U.S., while the Milestone was the first Moto handset to gain traction in the UK since the legendary RAZR phone.

It's the first time Motorola's mobile division has been back in the black since the heady days of the iconic flip phone.


There was even better news across the rest of the brand, with profits soaring to $109m, which was reflected in a stock market jump of 5 per cent on Thursday morning.

The company will split into two parts later this year, with mobile going it alone, so it's fantastic news for the manufacturer that its mobile brand is back in business.