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Meet the family: Motorola Droid Mini poses with siblings in leaked snap

Meet the family: Motorola Droid Mini poses alongside siblings in leaked snap
Moto's Droid family for 2013?

Another day, another purported Motorola Droid handset breaking cover. This time it's the little heard-of Motorola Droid Mini.

Courtesy of yet another press shot Twitter leak artist @evleaks, the Droid Mini is pictured alongside the Droid Ultra and the

Droid Maxx

, devices also touted for the first time within the last week or so.

None of the devices have been officially announced by Motorola, as yet, as the Google-owned company focuses its attention on the forthcoming launch of the much bandied about Moto X handset.

The @evleaks post which claims to introduce the "The Motorola Droid Family, 2013" showcases a smaller device that looks to be around 3.5- or 4-inches in size and could be Moto's answer to the Galaxy S4 Mini and yet-to-be-confirmed HTC One Mini Android phones.

Droid Ultra coming August 8?

In more Moto news, we could see the first of these rumoured devices in less than a month's time.

Judging by a leaked TV commercial storyboard obtained by AndroidCentral, the Droid Ultra will be introduced by Motorola on August 8.

The storyboard details a tough, scratch resistant phone with improved voice commands such as "Hello Moto. Open Spotify."

The site has since pulled the image, presumably under instructions from somebody's legal team.

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