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Is the Moto slate too little too late?

Motorola's new touchscreen phone
Motorola's new touchscreen phone

Motorola has had a leak of yet another handset, with a tablet-like phone full of all kinds of interesting features.

Engadget has managed to nab some pics of the new device from an anonymous tipster, with a 5MP camera with Kodak branding and a Xenon flash as well as the full touchscreen (which looks roughly 3.2-inches in size) making for an interesting new Moto effort.

Nod to 3.5G

There's not a lot of other information on the new touchscreen phone, apart from a TV-out port and the clear nod to data hinting at a 3.5G connection.

However, while a new touchscreen device is always exciting to look at write about, Engadget points out that it's unlikely to sport either Android or Windows Phone (which we'd like changed to Wi-Pho) thanks to the lack of necessary buttons.

Which means a proprietary OS once more, and after seeing other Motorola touch screen efforts (i.e. the Moto Surf) we're not exactly hopeful that this will light up the palms of mobile phone owners (figuratively, not actually obviously).

Sprung a leak

After the leak of multiple Moto handsets recently, we've already been treated to most, if not all, of the big new phones we'll be seeing from the ailing manufacturer, and they hardly set the pulse of the internet racing.

Had Motorola brought out a touchscreen phone within months of the iPhone, and thrown the weight of its then-extensive R&D department behind it, then we could have seen a real renaissance for the brand.

But even if this is a great touchscreen phone, it will probably just get lost in the noise these days, as Motorola didn't even bring any new handsets to Mobile World Congress, which saw the launch of a great many decent new phones.

Via Engadget