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Is Motorola resurrecting the Ruby?

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby?
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby?

It seems the Ruby mobile from Motorola - AKA the RAZR3 - could be making a startling return from the abyss as new press shots of the device have emerged.

Motorola reportedly canned the handset at the tail-end of last year, along with its work with the Symbian UIQ OS, in order to focus on its work with Android instead.

And while everyone thought that was the end of the RAZR line after disappointing results for the RAZR2, perhaps it's not all over for the Ruby, which would feature 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and a 5MP camera.

New pics?

Russian site Mobile Review has posted 'new' press pics of the mobile looking decidedly real, but there aren't any more details other than it will be called the VE1. However, a confusing translation means the site is either showing the photos for nostalgia and is discontinued, or is set to re-appear after being discontinued.

Of more interest (well, within reason to some people) is which OS it will be running, as the previous Symbian UIQ is now essentially defunct... has it been resurrected for this handset?

The entire staff used for the UIQ OS have apparently either been laid off, or re-assigned within Motorola, so it's unlikely that the old system would even be a possibility.

Perhaps this is just a rehashed old shot, or perhaps Motorola is continuing with a proprietary OS that looks very similar to the one it dropped. Only time will tell (and we'll also find out if anyone's still interested in the RAZR brand too.)

From Mobile Review (translated) via BGR