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HTC One M8 rumoured for reboot already with 'Prime' version

HTC One M8 rumoured for reboot already with 'Prime' version
Why do we need an upgrade?

Despite only launching the One M8 a few weeks ago, HTC could be back with an upgraded 'Prime' version of the phone.

This comes from tipster @evleaks, who usually has a good track record with such things, saying that attention shouldn't be focused on the rumoured 'HTC One M8 Ace' handset, supposed to be the current device with a plastic shell, and instead get ready for a new, more powerful, phone:

"Forget the Ace. What y'all are really waiting for is codenamed M8 Prime."

Well, if Samsung's doing it…

Given Samsung is hotly tipped to be launching the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime in June, which is rumoured to come with a new super high resolution QHD screen and all metal body, the notion of HTC doing the same is less far-fetched.

However, where can the brand go from the One M8 apart from whacking in a next generation display? And more saliently, why would it do such a thing when it's already focused on trying to deliver better battery life?

A QHD display would have many, many more pixels to drive than the current iteration, and would have a direct impact on battery life. It would also cannibalise sales of the One M8 as it stands, which is hardly something HTC would want at such a critical point of the sales cycle.

More likely the M8 Prime will be the codename of the HTC One M8 Max, which is almost certainly going to be refreshed in the coming months, and would see the M8 specs wedged into a larger chassis to satisfy the phablet market.

We'll keep an eye on this one, but don't hold your breath for an upgraded One M8 any time soon.

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