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Are there more HTC One variants on the way?

Like this, but bigger, maybe

The HTC One could soon be released in a slew of new variations, according to reports this week.

Most recently we learned of a bigger HTC One that's rumored to have a large display between five and six inches, according to

The site was tipped off to the larger HTC One variant by the ever reliable "people familiar with the matter."

The HTC Android flagship currently comes in at 4.7 inches, so a 5-incher would be quite an upgrade.

Bigger, but not better?

The larger HTC One will feature the same specs under the hood as the existing HTC One, the site said.

But its display could be more than a full inch bigger.

There's no word on a name or a possible launch date for the new phone, and HTC isn't likely to comment until it's ready to make an official announcement.

But that's not all

Pocket Lint suggests that the new, bigger HTC One will be better able to compete with its rival, Samsung's Galaxy S4.

But the Galaxy S4 is also rumored to be coming soon in multiple variations, including a more rugged "Active" version and a "Zoom" version with a superior camera.

The HTC One, too, was rumored this week to be coming in some new editions - specifically, a "Google Edition" and an HTC One mini.

Yes, just like the Galaxy S4 mini (sort of). There's no greater form of flattery than imitation, right?

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