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2010 World Cup to be screened in 3D

Sony and FIFA take the World Cup 3D
Sony and FIFA take the World Cup 3D

FIFA and Sony have announced that the 2010 World Cup will be recorded and broadcast in 3D.

This means 25 of the World Cup games will be recorded using Sony's cameras and shown in special 'Fan Fest' locations around the world.

Citizens of seven cities will get the chance to see 3D football during the tournament next summer, with London among the venues.

The rest are Berlin, Mexico City, Paris, Rio De Janeiro, Rome, and Sydney - so if you were hoping Skegness was going to be on there, you'll have to hop on a train instead.

Film of the game

An 'official film' of the World Cup will be made after the tournament, also in 3D, and will be trailered in shops before the official 3D Blu-ray release next year.

This is a statement that Sony believes in 3D as a strong proposition in 2010, with more platforms being billed as 3D-ready in the next 12 months:

"At Sony, the 3D entertainment experience will not only focus on the 3D TV alone, but from 2010 will also encompass a range of 3D compatible products such as Blu-ray Disc players, VAIO notebook computers and PlayStation 3," said Fujio Nishida, President of Sony Europe.

"During June and July 2010 we will provide our European consumers with the most compelling 3D content to enjoy and experience first-hand, for example at the FIFA International Fan Fests."

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