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Microsoft to rival Apple and Google with Skymarket app store

WIndows Mobile set for own application portal
WIndows Mobile set for own application portal

Despite falling behind in the smartphone UI popularity stakes somewhat, Microsoft looks set to rival its...erm, rivals and release an application purchasing portal for Windows Mobile called Skymarket.

According to a job advert spotted by the folks at, Microsoft is after a senior product manager to help push the launch of this service when the next iteration of the UI, Windows Mobile 7, comes to market.


Among other important job role stuff, (surprisingly, making tea not one of them), the key points regarding an application portal of Microsoft's very own include:

  • Definition of the product offering, pricing, business model and policies that will make the Windows Mobile marketplace "the place to be" for developers wishing to distribute and monetize their Windows Mobile applications
  • Responsibility for the business model and key elements that will drive the optimal experience for developers and monetization of the service by Microsoft
  • Preparation and driving the cross group collaboration for the initial launch of the marketplace offering to the developer community this fall
  • Preparation and driving the cross group collaboration with stakeholders in the commercial launch of the marketplace service with the launch of WM 7

We can't find out who you need to apply to in order to nab this peachy position, but if you do find out and get into the hot seat, don't forget your friends at TechRadar gave you the big break right here...

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