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HP offering up refunds for Pre3 and TouchPads

HP offering up refunds for Pre3 and TouchPads
The Pre 3 = £300

HP has confirmed it will be offering refunds to all customers that bought TouchPads and Pre 3 phones before the huge price drop.

Over on its official site, it has listed the refunds available for every model of its ill-fated webOS devices, with customers offered the difference between that which they paid for the device and the new low shelf tag.

It's an odd move to see HP essentially giving away money – the Pre 3 was barely on sale in the UK and the TouchPad wasn't a huge seller, so the uprising against the price drop was never likely to be a massive problem to deal with, but the computing giant is clearly looking to draw a line under this with a gesture of goodwill.

Money back in your pocket

This means that refunds of over £300 will be winging their way to the accounts of customers that kept the early adopter faith with HP and bought into the webOS brand before it was canned and subsequently dropped to cheap-as-chips levels.

The offer is only open to those that activated the webOS device before 23 August 2011 though, so if you couldn't be bothered to rip open the packaging straight away, that laziness might have cost you a hefty sum.

The TouchPad is still getting over the air updates from HP, and efforts to bring the Android platform to the dual-core tablet are whizzing away, so it could be a double whammy of good news for those lamenting believing the hype around the ex-Palm platform.

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