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iPhone of the future could have a next-gen speaker no matter how thin it is

"[Expletive] magnets, how do they work?", famously asked the Insane Clown Posse, a move which would have forever ruled them out of a job at Apple, if the iPhone company's latest patent plans are anything to go by.

The company has just been awarded 48 new patents according to Patently Apple, one of which details an interesting potential audio upgrade for future iPhones.

It details a system that increases the magnetic field within the speaker, which in turn increases a mechanical force on the speaker's voice coil to improve its acoustics.

Up to 11

As with all patents, it uses relatively dense language to describe what it sets out to achieve. But essentially, it aims to deliver a more bombastic audio performance within the confines of increasingly slim devices.

It also outlines how Apple would prevent any device equipped with the magnet system from ruining other items that require on magnets, such as hotel key cards or gift cards.

Apple has a reasonably good track record with loudspeakers - the stereo array on its iPad Pro was particularly good. However, at least in comparison to HTC's BoomSound tech, its phones have had rather average speakers. 

With the iPhone line only set to get slimmer, it'll be interesting to see whether future iPhone models get a boost from this patent, should it ever be employed.