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YouTube debuts brand new homepage

YouTube has debuted an attractive new look

YouTube has unleashed the biggest redesign in its history with a brand new homepage.

The all-new, announced on the official YouTube blog, splits the homepage into three sections which, in many ways, feels familiar and mirrors the way Facebook operates.

The aim of the attractive relaunch is to bring your favourite videos and channels front-and-centre, while bringing greater integration with the main social networks.

On the left, a navigation bar features links to videos shared by your Google+ and Facebook friends, while it also lists each of the channels you subscribe to along with trending and popular uploads.

New video feed

Hitting one of these channels or the social network icons will populate the middle section, which is set up in the same way as Facebook's news feed.

In default mode, the video feed will autopopulate with content from your subscribed channels and social networking friends.

TechCrunch reckons the video feed, which was first introduced earlier this year, now works algorithmically based on your previous acitivity on the site.

The right hand column is made up with recommended content related to your YouTube viewing history.

New paint job

YouTube says it has also added "a coat of paint" to the whole site, along with the ability to easily customise your own channel.

You can see the changes in the video below or head over to the new and improved homepage.

Via: TechCrunch