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Web service makes our food look tastier

We wonder if Delicious Conversion can make these chips look any more edible?

Since we're on the subject of ridiculous Japanese technology this fine Wednesday morning, how about an online service dedicated to making our lunch look better?

'Delicious Conversion' is not some sort of term in transsexual rugby – instead it's a website that encourages users to upload photos of whatever they're about to eat.

Turn it up to 11

Then, as if by magic – or maybe by applying the simplest of Photoshop techniques – the burger, fry-up, raw octopus or whatever is transformed to look infinitely tastier.

The results of the minuscule colour balance tweak are, of course, displayed on the site for all to view, but the point really is to get tastebuds watering at those times when the real world just isn't bright enough.