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Want to know about Knol? Check out Wikipedia

Second place is still a loser - so what's fifth?
Second place is still a loser - so what's fifth?

Interestingly a search on Google for Google's new wiki knowledge site 'Knol' puts the actual site address in fifth position – behind rival Wikipedia's explanation as to what the project is.

Although Google has not openly stated that their user-submitted article repository is a rival to WIkipedia, it would be naïve to not acknowledge that the two projects are in the same internet niche.

Google's Knol project is already hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons – with the blogosphere humming with the news that its own articles appear to be ranking rather better than expected on the Google search results.


But typing in 'knol' in Google's search engine, as many thousands of people who have read about the new arrival will be doing, is hardly the best user experience – with the actual service home page down in fifth.

With Wikipedia's Knol explanation outranking Knol's site on Google, many may be wondering if Google can shift its own product up the rankings without drawing undue criticisms.

We live in interesting times…