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Massive blogging growth in UK

Like falling off a blog...
Like falling off a blog...

Blogging in the UK is hitting the big time, with the latest statistics from Hitwise showing a weekly high of one in every 84 website visits going to a weblog.

This means that an impressive 1.19% of all UK internet traffic in that week (back in June) was to blogs – with Google owned Blogger and MySpace blog featuring prominently alongside the blogs for traditional mainstream media like the BBC and Guardian.

The numbers show a massive 101% increase in the past three years, far greater than that of more established internet sites in news and media.

And it appears that the Brits are more au fait with blogs than the US. 0.73% of US traffic was to blogs in May compared to 1.09% in the UK.


The name blog is a contraction of the phrase 'weblog'- and the original concept was of a personal online diary that was made available to a limited audience

However, the internet proved the perfect forum for the mix of opinion and in-depth knowledge of niches and the term is now applied to all manner of sites.