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Instagram adds Facebook-style tagging with Photos of You

You can now tag people on Instagram, just like you can on, er, Facebook

Instagram has added a new way to tag friends in your retro-filtered photos.

Not only can you now tag people and things in photos, you can peruse all the snaps of your good self in a new "Photos of You" section on your Instagram profile.

It's a very Facebook-alike tagging system, which is no real surprise given that the social network bought Instagram last year.

If someone tags you in a photo, you'll receive a notification and it will appear in the "Photos of You" section on your profile. If you'd prefer to approve the photo first, the ability to adjust sttings is also included.


The new function will go live on all Instagram profiles on May 16, but if you update the Instagram app on Android or iOS from today, you can play around with the tagging tech ahead of time.

It doesn't look as though the tags or the Photos of You section show up on the web version of the app yet but we have no doubt that this is on the cards for a later update.