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Google Earth gets its own website

Find out where that stealth fighter REALLY is
Find out where that stealth fighter REALLY is

Google has launch a new website for Google Earth, featuring showcases and tutorials for the more advanced features the exploration software.

It looks like Google is trying to push Earth as an advanced tool, rather than the cool plaything it has been for much of its life.

Tutorials on creating tours, importing data and creating 3D buildings are included (using Google SketchUp, naturally).

The Deep Blue, the Moon and Mars

There's also a showcase and explanation of the features that Earth has developed more recently, including the ocean, the Moon and Mars (the latter two of which really should have their own program that isn't named 'Earth', if you ask us).

There's also case studies of how different businesses might using Google Earth, including media companies, non-profit organisations, data providers and educators.

Visit the site yourself to be wowed with all the things you didn't know Google Earth did. We will warn you, however, that's it's not as interesting as pottering around in Google Earth itself, unsurprisingly.