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Awesome Flickr tool makes timelapse videos from your holiday snaps


If you've ever got home from holiday and feverishly flicked through the photos you took only to realise that you now have 76 pictures of an extremely old building or a waterfall you don't know what to do with, this news is for you.

Researchers at Google and the University of Washington have created a tool that finds photos of famous landmarks from Flickr, Picasa and other user-generated image libraries, then marries them together into cool crowd-sourced timelapse videos.

A bit of post-production jiggery-pokery is required to fix the aspect ratio and perspective of the shots before they're stitched together, but what it comes out with is a magical glimpse at skyscrapers going up, rivers depleting and swelling again, and snow-covered mountains peaks gently thawing.

At the very least, the timelapse tool legitimises tourists taking the same shots over and over and over again every day for the rest of time.