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Huawei Y7 2018 render leaked, shows display, singular rear camera

Render from AndroidHeadlines

A Huawei Y7 (2018) render has just been leaked online just after the Huawei Y9 unveiling a few days ago. Some reports had suggested that the that the Y9 may be the replacement to the Y7, but the exclusive from AndroidHeadlines, tells a different story. The new smartphone will be the successor to last year’s model. 

The Huawei is at the lower end of the spectrum of the Y-series in terms of its specifications, which is why it’s reasonable to assume that it’s going to be aimed at the low and mid-range smartphone market rather than compete in the flagship segment.

Nonetheless, it was speculated that the display on the Huawei Y7 (2018) should be larger than the 5.5-inch display that was featured in the 2017 model, without compromising on how compact the phone will be. 

The render shows the 2018 Huawei phone, in fact, does have an end-to-end display that seems to have an 18:9 aspect ratio. Surprisingly, the Y7 (2018) won’t be following the trend of integrating an iPhone X-type notch. 

In comparison, the Huawei Y9 has a 5.93-inch screen with an FHD+ resolution, that is an 18:9 aspect ratio. The conclusion can be drawn that the Huawei Y7 (2018) will have a display that is similar. The overall design and outer body of both phones are also more or less the same.

Albeit, the Y9 has a dual rear camera while render shows the Y7 with just a single camera in the back. This is one of the more noticable differences between the two phones. Prior reports have indicated that the back of the phone will have a 13MP rear camera along with a fingerprint sensor placed below it, similar to the Huawie Y7 (2017). 

The render also shows a 3.5mm audio jack on the base of the smartphone, instead of on top like its predecessor. Initially there were rumours about the phone having a USB Type-C charging port but the render confirms the that the Huawei Y7 (2018) will feature the older USB port, further verifying that the new smartphone will be a mid-range device rather than a flagship model.

Coming to the hardware specifications of the phone, the Huawei Y7 (2017) came with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 chipset. Since the Huawie Y9 has 3GB RAM and 32GB storage running on the Kirin 659 SoC, the 2018 Huawei Y7 will probably only vary from the previous model in terms on SoC. 

The previous Y7 and the Huawei Y9 are powered by a 4,000mAh battery, hence, it will probably be the same for the Huawei Y7 (2018).

There hasn’t been any official announcement about when we’ll get to see the phone launched, but considering that the screen displays Sunday, 15 April 2018, the date is likely to be significant.

Prabhjote Gill is the Senior Journalist at Business Insider India. She covering everything space, tech and defence at Business Insider India. She is also in-charge of allocating stories to junior writers.