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Dark of the Moon Transforms 3D fortunes

Transforming fortunes?
Transforming fortunes?

Hollywood may have sounded the death knell for 3D a little early, with Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon racing to the year's best opening day in the US.

Although it opened on a Wednesday, with Bay's slightly desperate plea to watch it on the best 3D screen you possibly could ringing in people's ears, the action flick could apparently hit the $40 million mark inside 3 days.

That's despite lukewarm reviews from critics – with TechRadar's Future stablemate Total Film awarding the film 3 stars in its Transformers 3 review.

Under fire

This will come as good news for the 3D tech camp, which has found itself under fire of late despite the support of esteemed directors like Steven Spielberg and James Cameron.

Experts are predicting the global take for Transformers: Dark of the Moon will actual be higher than either of the previous two Transformers films; certainly a shot in the arm.

The criticism arrived as the trend for movie-goers to go for the higher cost 3D versions of the films appeared to reverse in the States, although the UK audiences apparently still favoured the extra dimension.

Via Deadline