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Google's 'Search On' event will focus on AI

(Image credit: Google)
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Even as the tech chatter is centered on Apple's event last night, another tech giant Google has announced a new "Search On" event, which is expected to throw light on the latest improvements to Google Search and how it is helping people understand the world in new ways with the power of AI.

Google's 2020 developer event, slated for early this year, had been canceled. Google instead chose to share news about new developments and updates through specific blog posts and presentations. Google has made some announcements around Assistant, Google Maps, and a few other Google features.

This Search On event does not seem to be patterned on the recent ways of Google. That it has scheduled it as an 'event' in itself suggests that some big announcement may be on its way.

When and Where?

The surprise Google “Search On” event, about which nothing was heard previously, will be a livestream event. It will be streamed on YouTube and on the official Search On website

It will happen on October 15. 

A report in the 9to5Google site, quoting Google, said, "Every year, we make thousands of improvements to Google Search, from advancing our ability to understand language to introducing new features that organize the world’s information in useful ways. We’d like to invite you to tune into our Search On livestream on Thursday, October 15 at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET where you’ll hear about the latest ways that Google is harnessing the power of AI to help people understand the world around them."

It is clear that AI will be the major talking point of the event.

But it is also speculated that Google may reveal new features that it plans to add to Google Lens, Google Images, and a few other of its tools.

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