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Google Tasks and Voice both have new dark modes – and here's how to try them

Google Tasks
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With the addition of a system-wide dark mode to Android 10, Google is in the process of adding dark modes to its wide range of mobile apps. Already found in the likes of Chrome and Google Maps, dark mode is now also making it way to both Google Tasks and Google Voice.

The new option is available in Google Tasks 1.7 which is gradually making its way out to users via the Play Store. In this updated version of the app, there's a new Theme setting which gives users three options.

You can opt for either a Light or Dark theme, or select the System Default option so it matches the system-wide colour scheme you've selected for your handset.

As Android Police notes, Google Tasks 1.7 also has – at last – a couple of homescreen widgets. The first is a simple New Task shortcut button, while the second displays tasks and matches the colour of the theme that can been selected in app settings.

Speaking of dark modes...

Another Google app getting the dark treatment is Google Voice. The dark mode option has been added in version 2019.40.273569721 of the app, and this is also rolling out to the Play Store.

Just as with Google Tasks, there is a Theme option which can be used to choose between Light and Dark mode, or you can opt to have the app match the setting you have chosen for Android as a whole.

Google is slowly working its way through its family of apps so even if your favourites are yet to be improved with the addition of a dark mode option, it shouldn't be too long before they are.

Via Android Police