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Fallout 4 DLC's box art is exactly as brilliant as you'd expect

Fallout Box art
Fallout Box art

It is already one of the standout hits of the gaming world from the last six months, so Fallout 4 DLC was always going to be eagerly awaited.

And Bethesda has also whetted our appetite with some stunning box art to accompany the releases' announcement.

The three staged updates will open with Automatron - allowing you to create a robot buddy which we are very much hoping can be as spiky and fearsome as the box art.


That will be followed with the cheaper (and, in truth, least impressive sounding) Wasteland Workshop where you can trap animals and blah blah blah. Also - more building options for your settlement!

Wasteland Workshop

And last but not least is the big gun - a whole new map, new weapons and new missions, which will be arriving in May under the title Far Harbor.

Far Harbor

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