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TechRadar: Guinness World Record Holders. FACT

TechRadar: Guinness World Record Holders. FACT.
Mario is our bag, baby.

Thanks to the quite brilliant skills of a Mr Gareth Beavis and a Mr John McCann, TechRadar has been incarcerated into Guinness World Record history.

The feat you ask? Well, get ready to be seriously impressed. TechRadar proudly holds the Guinness World Record for the Highest Score on Super Mario Bros (team of two) using a giant NES controller. Impressed? Yes? We knew you would be.

The rules were simple: each team had 3 lives to score as many points as possible in single player mode on the original NES Super Mario Bros game, using an original NES system and a custom built remote 30 times the size of the original.

Let us assure you, this was no walk in the park. The previous high score was set by the people behind the giant controller and this was the first time TechRadar had laid hands on it.

Simply the best… better than all the rest

Not only under pressure to secure a world record, Beavis and McCann also had fierce competition from rival teams representing T3 and Gizmodo. Playing not only for the world record, but office pride and bragging rights, TechRadar kept their cool and spectacularly smashed their way to glory.

But what about T3 and Gizmodo, you cry? Well the less said the better, but just so you know, they weren't even able to beat the original record, let alone match the pure brilliance of an inspired TechRadar performance.

Kneel before us puny reader for we, TechRadar, are Guinness World Record Holders.

The huge controller is featured in the Guinness World Records 2012 - Gamer's Edition, which is out now to purchase.