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Nintendo Wii lightsaber set for force flop?

Will the Wii remote be turned into a fully-functional lightsaber? Or will we all be let-down again?

Back in September, a generation of Star Wars fans got the news they'd been dreaming of for 30 years: full on lightsaber-simulation in a video game. Lucas Arts' The Force Unleashed promised the kind of blade-wielding realism that had not been possible until now. But it seems that this is perhaps not quite how things are set to turn out.

Our buddies over at CVG report that instead of using your Wii remote to scythe down Stormtroopers with a saber blade, you'll only have limited control over 'force powers'.

Dreams dashed?

So presumably, to 'force push' for example, you'll push the Wii remote towards the screen. But then how are things like 'force jump, 'force persuasion' and 'force speed' going to be controlled? Seems a bit of a crock, to us.

While the technology inside Nintendo's Wii console and remote is nothing short of revolutionary, there have been few games that have pushed it towards fulfilling its potential. The idea of using the Wii remote as a lightsaber hilt has been dreamed about ever since Nintendo unveiled the console.

So it would be a real shame if once again those people who forked out £180 for a Nintendo Wii are left with software titles that fail to truly impress.

But then there's always the chance that these reports might be false. We'll just have to wait until we get more information about the game. If you're a hardcore Star Wars fan, send your force persuasion in Lucas Arts' direction, and may the force indeed be with you.

James Rivington

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