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ViewSonic launches new Nvidia-toting 3D monitor

Obligatory images-coming-out-of-the-screen shot
Obligatory images-coming-out-of-the-screen shot

ViewSonic has unveiled its latest LED monitor, the V3D245, a 3D affair that comes with Nvidia 3D know-how.

It's a 24-inch, full 1080p HD LED monitor and comes with a built-in Nvidia 3D vision wireless emitter and Nvidia 3D Vision glasses.

And just where can you get all this dazzling 3D content from? With an HDMI 1.4 input, you can hook up a Blu-ray player, with the Nvidia goodies, you can run 3D games from an Nvidia GeForce-equipped PC, or you can just hop on to the good old internet.


As well as the 3D shenanigans, the V3D245 monitor offers a 120Hz frame refresh rate, 2ms video response time, 20,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 300 nits high brightness.

If you can't shell out for separate speakers, the monitor comes with integrated two-watt SRS Premium Sound speakers.

"It's a neat solution with the built in Nvidia transmitter, that uses LED technology to bring better contrast ratios and significant power savings, but can then revert back to a high performance 2D monitor when required," said James Coulson European marketing manager, ViewSonic.

ViewSonic's V3D245 3D monitor and bundled Nvidia 3D Vision active stereo 3D glasses come with a UK release date of mid-to-late September, and the whole shebang will set you back around £350.

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