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Bose adds Google Assistant and Noise Control Settings to the iconic QC35

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Extending its wireless headphones lineup, Bose announced the QC35 II in India. The headphones are an upgraded version of the company’s widely recognized QC35 which it launched last year. Priced at Rs 26,363, the headphones are available on company’s official website, retail stores and authorized dealers in black and silver colour variants. 

What makes the headphones different from its predecessor is the accessibility to the Google Assistant. Both Bose and Google worked together on the exclusive experience in the QC35 II, making it the first integration of Google Assistant in a headphone. Users can access the Google Assistant with the help of an Action Button placed on the left earcup.  They just need to press and hold the Action Button and Google Assistant will help in managing the music files, making a call, notifying them about incoming messages and add appointments to the Google calendar.  It can also read the incoming messages, events and reminders back to the user. 

Adding to this, the Google Assistant can also report about the last headlines, sports scores, flight status, movie schedules and much more. All this happens because of the company’s proprietary microphone system which picks-up voices with remarkable accuracy and the active noise cancellation feature which eliminates the unwanted sounds so that the commands are understood clearly.

Apart from this, the noise cancelling headphones will have all the features of the original QC35. According to the company’s statement, they deliver the same industry-defining noise cancellation, audio performance, and up to 20 hours of battery life. Just like QC35, the right earcup carries the same controls including audio volume, and the multi-function button for incoming calls and accessing Siri.

For better noise free experience, the users can control the noise cancellation feature with the help of the Connect App. The app also lets users change the Action Button’s functionality, so that they can control the noise settings from the earcup as per their requirement, and switch back to your Google Assistant when they want.