How to get fit with Apple Watch fitness apps

How to get fit with Apple Watch

One of the attractions of the Apple Watch is its built-in activity tracking features. The proprietary Activity app enables you to track your movement, exercise and standing frequency over time, while integrated feedback helps you to improve on long-term activity goals.

Apple's efforts are commendable, but a little basic for the committed fitness freak, and so there are third-party Apple Watch fitness apps available that specialise in these areas and their functions that may serve your needs better than the stock option.

Nike+ for example has garnered a devoted community of iOS device users with its Running app, which caters to both wide-eyed beginners and hardened marathon veterans with its simple interface and social media-friendly Nike Fuel concept.

How to get fit with Apple Watch fitness apps

So you'll be delighted to discover that this great app has now made the small leap to Apple Watch, as indeed have the excellent Strava and Runkeeper systems, which have both attracted thousands of followers of their own. Here we take a closer look at the Apple Watch implementation of the three apps and walk you through some typical usage patterns.

Learning about your general activity and how much fitness business you've been up to at a glance of your wrist is a feature in itself – here's how you can make the most of it.