Battlegrounds Mobile India: how to get PUBG Mobile account data back

Battlegrounds Mobile India
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When Battlegrounds Mobile India was first announced as a separate game from PUBG Mobile, players from India were quite concerned that their data from the original game will not be available anymore.

But now that the beta version of Battlegrounds Mobile India is available, we can assail those concerns of people and say that Krafton will allow users to migrate their data from the original game to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

How to migrate PUBG Mobile account to Battlegrounds Mobile India

For a user launching the Battlegrounds Mobile India game, if they log in using the account that used to play PUBG Mobile with, they would be prompted with the option to transfer their account data. Users need not worry if they are not prompted with this message and we will mention an alternate method as well.

  • For those users who are prompted with the 'Account Data Transfer' message they can select 'Yes' and will be asked to select the account from which they want to transfer.
  •  Select Facebook or Twitter for the appropriate account, and a consent message will be prompted. 
  • They will then be asked to log in with either Twitter or Facebook for their account and asked if they agree to transfer their data from Proxima Beta Pte. 
  • Users are reminded that then data can't be transferred after December 31, 2021 hence they must complete this before that time. 
  • Once that is complete they will be given the message that data transfer is in progress and they should come back after a short while. 
  • After the transfer completes users should relaunch the game and they will be prompted to log in with Facebook or Twitter.
  • If users select logging in with their preferred method now then they will get an error, instead, they should try logging in with another method and quit the game midway. 
  • Then relaunch the game once more and try logging in with their account. 
  • They should be prompted with the congratulatory notification that their account transfer was successful and they can proceed with logging in.

For those who do not receive a prompt to transfer their account data, they should follow the following steps.

  • Make a temporary account 
  • Proceed to the Settings tab in the game from the main menu
  • Once in the Settings go to the Basic tab and on the account section
  • There should be the option to transfer account data
  • Click on this button and they should allow users to follow the steps mentioned above

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