Free family portrait photography cheat sheet

Family portrait photography is probably the one genre we all shoot at one time or another. On the other hand, family portrait photography can equally be the most frustrating.

While we can't offer much help in the way of crying babies, we can help with a number of common obstacles we face when taking pictures of family. In the latest of our photography cheat sheet series (see our 11 most popular photography cheat sheets from that series) we've come up with what we believe are four of the trickiest conditions for shooting family portrait photography.

Within each scenario we've crafted a handy little flow chart to get you through each challenging situation and come out the other side with a top-notch family portrait.

To get started improving your family portrait photography, simply drag and drop this infographic below on to your desktop to save as a handy reference the next time you're called in to action, whether your taking pictures of babies, toddlers or teenagers!

Hopefully our flow chart will not only help you save time the next time you're taking pictures of your family, but improve your technique. If so, we'd love to see your work. Why not post one of your images on our Facebook wall where we often have lively discussions!

Download our free family portrait photography cheat sheet

Free Photography Cheat Sheet: better family portrait photography

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