Camera Angles: 5 ways to add impact with unusual perspectives

Make your photos stand out.


Sometimes you can dramatically alter your photo composition just changing your perspective. This quick guide to using camera angles more effectively will help you take pictures you can be proud of. Below we'll show you 5 simple techniques you can use to alter your camera angles for dramatic effect.

Camera Angles 5 ways to add impact with unusual perspectives

The search for a new angle in photography is a never-ending challenge. Showing everyone how we see the world around us from our own perspective is often the driving force for photographers.

Unusual and quirky angles are the mainstay of images with impact. We'll show you how to get past the usual 'record' shot and compose a picture with instant wow factor.

Ideas For New Camera Angles: Shoot straight up

Ideas For New Camera Angles Shoot straight up

You've probably seen plenty of shots like this before. Why? Well, it's an unusual angle that creates bags of impact and shows you the forest canopy from an arresting perspective.

It offers a 'worm's eye view' of the world and works extremely well with wide-angle lenses. Spend time looking for the 'perfect' perspective.

If you find a reasonably symmetrical pattern, such as here, then keep it central. If it's just a hole in the canopy, try placing it according to the rule of thirds.