Best Madden 22 home field advantages: the teams with game-changing perks

Madden NFL 22 teams
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Few sports embrace the power of the crowd like football. Throngs of paint-clad fans have long had a tangible impact on the field of play. Madden NFL 22 seeks to translate this effect to the digital arena, with its new homefield advantage system. 

Homefield advantage is tied into the momentum system. Scoring touchdowns, taking possession on turnovers, and overall effective play build your momentum meter. Visiting teams have two variable boosts that unlock once their momentum reaches a certain level. Home teams have a third boost, and these perks range from minor annoyances to actual game-changers. These are the five best homefield advantages in Madden NFL 22, ranked.

5. Indianapolis Colts – Hat Count

Madden NFL 22 Colts home advantage

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This ability allows the Colts’ defense to see the Hat Count, i.e., the direction and number of planned blocks, on a play.  This can be a dead giveaway of the offense's intentions, indicating a running play, and the intended direction of the ball carrier. Savvy players can then make adjustments to their defense, and stop what otherwise may have been successful plays.  

4. Seattle Seahawks – The 12’s

Madden NFL 22 seahawks home advantage

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The Seahawks may be the team most known for their significant homefield advantage, and Madden has rewarded them with The 12’s. When the Seahawks get rolling opposing teams will have portions of their play turn into confused squiggles. This means that opposing teams will have to memorize plays in the huddle, as they won’t be able to survey with field and see any play information.  

3. Titans - Titan Up

Madden NFL 22 titans home advantage

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The Tennessee Titans have one of the most potent running attacks in the NFL, so it is no surprise that their advantage will lean into that. Titan Up means that the Titans won’t commit holding penalties. Not only does that save you from potentially losing 10 yards, but you can go into your coaching options and change your blocking tendency to aggressive. This enables your offensive linemen to hold blocks for longer on run and pass plays. The normal drawback is increased holding penalties, but Titan Up takes that off of the board.  

2. New Orleans Saints – Who Dat 

Madden NFL 22 saints home advantage

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Football games are won on third and fourth down, and the Who Dat homefield advantage attacks that directly. When Who Dat is activated, the away team will randomly have a receiver on third or fourth down run an incorrect pass route. That can be devastating for an offense and can result in what would have been a first down becoming a change of possession instead.  

1. Green Bay Packers – The Frozen Tundra 

Madden NFL 22 Packers home advantage

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It is no surprise that Lambeau Field, the legendary home of the Green Bay Packers, would have the best homefield advantage in Madden NFL 22. There are two components to The Frozen Tundra. First, the Packers gain momentum more quickly, while their opponents momentum gains are slowed. To add insult to injury, the away team fatigues faster, and has a harder time changing direction on the field. The result it a tired, sluggish team in the fourth quarter, that has a harder time rushing the passer or evading tacklers while carrying the football. It’s a massive game changer.  

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