Tineco Floor One S5 vacuum and mop review

How well can this vacuum handle both wet and dry spills?

Tineco Floor One S5 Extreme vacuum cleaner
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TechRadar Verdict

The Tineco Floor One S5 is easy to handle and has a well-balanced design. It comes with a larger than average 800ml water tank and gives you up to 35 minutes run time when vacuuming and mopping hard floors. It has a smart sensor with powerful suction that adjusts to the task in hand, and also provides useful voice prompts so you know when to refill or recharge. While the design doesn’t go flat, its brush head does get right up to skirtings to clean thoroughly.


  • +

    Effective for wet and dry spills

  • +

    Large 800ml water tank

  • +

    35 minutes cleaning on one charge


  • -

    Can’t be used on carpets or rugs

  • -

    Requires regular maintenance

  • -

    Quite bulky to store and heavy

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Tineco Floor One S5 vacuum and mop: two-minute review

The Tineco Floor One S5 is a cordless vacuum and mop with a floor-standing charging unit. During testing, I found it powerful and effective across all hard floor types including sealed wood in my living area and vinyl kitchen tiles. It can’t, however, be used to refresh area rugs and mats like some designs can.

I was impressed at how efficiently it worked when vacuuming and mopping up dirt and debris and cleaning fresh wet spills in my home. I found it a little harder to mop away older and more stubborn caked-on floor debris, however, but perhaps that’s just my fault for leaving them so long to clean up.

The design has a digital control panel on its front with indicators to help you with the smooth running of the appliance. The device provides voice prompts too, which is useful when you’re in a hurry to navigate the controls.

iLoop on the Tineco Floor One S5 Extreme vacuum cleaner goes from blue to red as it cleans

(Image credit: Future)

I reviewed the Tineco Floor One S5 Extreme and found the design comfortable in hand and the controls useful and comprehensive. While it’s quite heavy, the self-propelling control makes this less of an issue. Overall, I think that if you have young kids who are prone to spilling food under the table, or you simply need to refresh a muddy hallway, this vacuum and mop in one is a handy tool to have on standby. It also works well for a quick fix on dusty floors that look desperately messy when the sun shines through. Read on to discover whether this one ranks with the best vacuum cleaners.

Tineco Floor One S5 vacuum and mop review: price & availability

  • List price: $499 / £399 GBP
  • Launch date: April 2022
  • Availability: US / UK

Based in China, Tineco sells a range of carpet cleaners, wet dry vacuums and smart vacuum cleaners. The Floor One S5 Extreme was added to its floorcare range in 2022 and at the time of writing, you can buy it on Amazon for $499 / £399. While this comes at a premium price, it’s an intuitive design with a powerful and effective brush that I think helps justify the price.

  • Value for money score: 4.5 out of 5

Tineco Floor One S5 vacuum and mop specs

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Price $499 / £399
Dimensions (H x W x L)43.31 x 10.24 x 10.75"
Weight 17.37lbs / 8.6kg
Capacity26.88fl oz / 800ml
Battery life Up to 35 minutes
Battery charge time300 minutes

Tineco Floor One S5 vacuum and mop review: design

  • 800ml water tank is 30% larger than its previous model
  • Self-propelled design for easy steering
  • Brush head designed to go right up against skirtings and baseboards

The Tineco Floor One S5 sits on a floor-standing charging dock for convenient grab-and-go cleaning. This makes it ideal for utility rooms or under the stairs where you have a plug socket nearby.

You’ll need some room to store it on display in a living room, however. When sat on its floor-standing charger, the handle is at a slight angle so it’s not completely flush up against the wall, which is something to bear in mind.

Like the Shark HydroVac Cordless Hand Floor Cleaner, the Tineco Floor One S5 is easy on the eye. It has a graphite, white and navy finish with parts that look and feel stylish and premium. While it’s an expensive piece of kit, I can tell that it’s made with durable parts that are built to last. It also has a generous offering in the way of extras in the box. It has two extra brush rolls in the box and a filter that both needs replacing every 6 months, and a handy cleaning tool for giving the device a thorough clean. The kit also comes with its own Tineco branded deodorizing and cleaning solution, and you’ll need to make sure you only use this in the device. 

The Tineco Floor One S5 Extreme vacuum cleaner at work

(Image credit: Future)

The Tineco is similar in design and performance to the Shark HydroVac and both are designed to work across dry and wet spills on hard flooring. Both also have self-cleaning features, to help with upkeep and ensure the vacuum remains smelling fresh. While they are both similar in design, the Tineco is much heavier – Shark is 3.95kg, while the Tineco is 7.8kg.    

While the Shark has a 500ml water tank, the Tineco has a more generous 800ml design, however, which is 30% larger than its last generation Floor One cleaner. Run times differ too – with the Shark at around 25 minutes and the Tineco offering up to 35 minutes on a full charge. The Tineco also has iLoop Smart Sensor Technology that takes the guesswork out of cleaning by detecting dirt and adjusting the suction accordingly – more on that in the Performance section.

There’s also a Tineco app that you can connect to on your smartphone to monitor usage and access user guides – although this doesn’t enhance the experience with any remote control feature at present. It only supports 2.4G WiFI, and while I have dual broadband, after several failed attempts at connecting to it, I had to give up and admit defeat.  

  • Design score: 4.5 out of 5

Tineco Floor One S5 vacuum and mop review: performance

  • iLoop Smart Sensor detects debris and adjusts suction power and water
  • Up to 35 minutes run time on a full charge 
  • Comes with a self-cleaning mode


I found setup of the Tineco Floor One S5 straightforward as there aren’t too many parts to contend with. It was a matter of slotting the handle into the main brush head and motor and placing it on the floor-standing charging dock. When the device is positioned on the docking station it delivers a voice prompt to let you know that ‘charging has commenced’. It’s then easy to see the battery level rise.

This device is designed to remove dirt, grime, grease and tough stains from most types of hard surfaces and can be used on wet spills too. To give the design a fair trial, I used it across the sealed hard wood flooring in my living and dining area, and on the vinyl floor tiles in my kitchen. I used it a few times to get a good feel of how well it maneuvered when on a general vacuum and mop.

To get it ready for its first clean I made sure it was suitably charged and added a capful of cleaning solution that comes in the box to the water tank. I then topped it up with water to its max line.

I could clearly see how much battery life is left and what percentage the battery life was on, for example. I could also see when the dirty water tank needed changing and when the clean water tank had run out. By switching to the voice prompt button, it then told me when it was time to charge the cleaner or when the water tank needed filling.

Usability and control

I really enjoyed using the Tineco Floor One S5 Extreme smart cordless vacuum cleaner and mop and while it can’t be used on area rugs and carpets, it is great on non-carpeted floor surfaces such as vinyl, tile and sealed wood. To get a good idea of how well it works, I used it to clean up both wet and dry spills. I managed to use it for a full 30 minutes on hard floor before having to put it back on its charger.

It has its own iLoop Smart Sensor that detects the level of debris and adjusts the suction power and water flow accordingly. There’s a ring that runs around the main control until that goes red when it detects dirt and clears to blue when the dirt has been tackled effectively. When needed I could also up the power by pressing the button on the handle to take the vacuum from auto mode to max mode.

The device is quite heavy, but as it’s self-propelled it whizzed around the floor without too much effort on my part. I simply pushed to vacuum and pulled back to mop. It doesn’t leave the floor too wet or sodden either like some mops can, but mops evenly and leaves a mild, pleasant scent of the Tineco deodorizing and cleaning solution behind as the floor dries. While the head is large, it seemed to do a great job at getting close up to skirtings and up against furniture. I really think a crevice tool would enhance the design here, however, and because the handle doesn’t go flat you’re limited when it comes to cleaning under furniture.

The Tineco Floor One S5 Extreme vacuum cleaner at work on fine debris

(Image credit: Future)

I used it across my kitchen floor to clear up a milky cereal spillage and was amazed at how quickly and effortlessly it tackled the area. There’s also a suction mode I could use to absorb water and not spray solution, which worked well here. I could then switch to auto mode to completely clean the surface.

On dried-on cereal and general food stains under the table that had stuck to the surface, the mop needed a little more help and I found myself ramping up to max mode and going over the area a few times to dislodge and clean effectively. To get a good idea of how well the device can vacuum dirt and debris, I sprinkled oats on the floor to mimic larger debris and also sprinkled crushed biscuit and flour on the floor to mimic finer dust. The vacuum worked a charm on both messes without leaving any residue behind.

Maintenance and noise levels

To keep the device smelling fresh, you’ll need to clean it after every use. There is a self-cleaning mode that helps speed things along and cleans the interior but you will have to take out the dirty water tank to empty and clean the filter too. The brush roll will need to be taken out to dry to avoid it smelling. This can be fiddly – and rather grim if there’s a lot of mess – but a simple wash under warm water straight after use keeps things fresh. I like the fact it has a cleaning brush to help with this as it came in useful.

Removing the Tineco Floor One S5 Extreme's filter for cleaning

(Image credit: Future)

In terms of noise levels, the Tineco is quite inoffensive. I used the Decibel Meter App to measure the Tineco at 68.1 decibels while it was in self-cleaning mode, which lasts over a minute. By comparison, the Shark HydroVac goes up to 83.1 decibels while in self-cleaning mode. 

  • Performance score: 4.5 out of 5

Should you buy the Tineco Floor One S5 vacuum and mop?

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Value for money While this is a pricey piece of kit, it’s powerful and very effective on dirt and wet spills. 4/5
Design It’s bulky and quite heavy, but looks stylish and glides smoothly across the floor and right up to the edges. 4.5/5
Performance I like the simplicity of the control panel as it’s designed for convenience and is easy to follow when you want to vacuum at full power or simply mop up a spill. 4.5/5

Buy it if...

You want to streamline your appliances

This vacuum and mop is an excellent multi-tasking tool that is effective on both wet and dry spills. It's effective enough on hard floors so you can do away with a traditional mop. 

You want a device that takes out the guesswork

This design has a comprehensive iLoop Smart Sensor that adjusts the power to suit the task in hand. The control panel goes from red to blue as you clean so you know when the job is done.

You like the idea of a cleaning companion

If you switch to voice prompt mode, this vacuum will provide voice prompts to make things even easier. 

Don't buy it if...

You’re expecting smart remote control

While this device does have an accompanying smartphone app to monitor usage and provide user information, it won’t offer smart remote control.  

You want crevice tools and upholstery attachments

This design is great at getting right up to skirtings, but if you want to hoover in corners or clean up soft furnishings you’ll need a dedicated vacuum.

You have a lot of carpet in your home

This device works well in homes with a lot of sealed hard flooring. If you mostly have carpet, it’s probably not worth the spend.

How I tested the Tineco Floor One S5 vacuum and mop

I’ve been reviewing home appliances for over 20 years so know what makes for an ergonomic and useful design. Unlike a vacuum cleaner, the all-in-one vacuum and mop isn’t a staple in many homes, but I’ve recently noticed an increase in the number of companies promoting these multi-functional devices.

I used the Tineco Floor One S5 in my home over the course of a month to see how well it could handle my flooring. I have sealed hard wooden floors that span the entirety of my living room, dining area and hall and have vinyl tiles in the kitchen, which provided ample floorspace to give the Tineco a fair try.

I recently reviewed the Shark HydroVac Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner WD210UK, for example, so it was good to be able to compare the Tineco Floor One S5 to that.

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First reviewed May 2024

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