Ring A19 smart light bulb review: an affordable, stripped-down entry to smart lights

Smart light for budget consumers

Ring A19 smart light bulb during testing
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The Ring A19 is a stripped-down smart light bulb, but this Ring contender is robust, easy to setup, and delivers great performance. It may not have all the special features - like the ability to change colors or color temperatures - but it has the basics down. It also has a very affordable price of admission, making it a great entry into the world of smart lights for those on a limited budget.


  • +

    Very responsive

  • +

    Robust build

  • +


  • +

    Has app and voice control

  • +

    Easy to setup


  • -

    Only displays one white color temperature

  • -

    No special features

  • -

    Not compatible with Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit

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Ring A19: One-minute review

The Ring A19 isn't the only smart lighting the home security and smart doorbell brand has in its collection. It is, however, the only entry it has in the smart light bulb market since the company has traditionally focused more on path lights, floodlights, and spotlights, which are practical add-ons to its core products.

One has to wonder, therefore, what nudged the company to add the Ring A19 to its catalog, especially since it launched it in 2020 and hasn't followed it up with a different model – one that can display other colors, perhaps. Especially since it remains unavailable in the UK and Australia.

Not that I'm complaining. This white model is one of the best smart lights I've had – and I've owned my share of them, from Philips Hue bulbs to one from unknown brands on Amazon. Unlike the expensive Philips A19 White Ambiance bulb, it's a more economical buy that is almost comparable in build quality, which makes it a smarter choice for budget-minded consumers.

It's also very easy to set up, with the Ring app guiding you through the whole quick process, including connecting it to Alexa. So, if you haven't used a smart light bulb before, this is a great gateway bulb. 

Ring A19 smart light bulb during testing

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

With a smooth, rounded bulb, the Ring A19 looks more like a traditional light bulb in design, which makes it a good fit in just about anything, whether it's a ceiling light recess or a lamp. It might not be as cool-looking as Philip's version, but it still looks refined, with a white plastic lamp body and circuit housing that has good heat dissipation properties. 

It's an indoor/outdoor light bulb, but it's not the best for exposed fixtures, as Ring advises avoiding water exposure. If you were to use this as lighting in your portico, porch, veranda, or gazebo, however, it should fit in nicely as those areas are traditionally roofed.

Ring A19 smart light bulb during testing

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

We only wish the Ring A19 had the capability to display variations of white other than its 3500K color temperature, which is kind of on the warm side on the color temperature scale. Unfortunately, unlike its Philips Hue counterpart, it has no warm-to-cool light capability. This model is only adjustable in brightness up to 800 lumens.

Ring A19 smart light bulb during testing

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

But, if you prefer warm light in the evenings and really only require something you can control with your voice or an app, you set schedules and routines for, and whose brightness you can change without an actual dimmer, then this is perfect.

You're definitely getting your money's worth here, especially since it's more than bright enough for most users' needs and very responsive to app and voice controls. It does take a second to respond, however, to Alexa voice commands – it only supports Alexa (as well as Ring Bridge connectivity so you can connect it to other Ring products like a smart doorbell or a smart camera) – but during our week-long testing, it hasn't failed to do so yet.

Ring A19 smart light bulb during testing

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

Unlike other smart lights from lesser brands, I haven't encountered any failures or issues like random flickering and connection issues.

So, despite its limitations, the Ring A19 is a fantastic smart light bulb option if you're looking for an affordable contender that can light up your entire home and provide all the smart light basics. Instead of going for one of those unknown brands you'll find at online retailers, invest in this better-quality option instead.

Ring A19: Price and availability

  • How much is it? $14.99 (about £12, AU$23)
  • When is it available? Available now
  • Where is it available? Only available in the US

At only $14.99 (about £12, AU$23), the Ring A19 is a very affordable smart light bulb from a trusted brand. It's definitely cheaper than the Philips Hue A19, although that one comes with adjustable color temperature, making it a better value if your budget isn't too tight.

It's only available in the US, however. At the time of writing, it's not available in the UK and Australia, and there's no word on whether Ring is planning on rolling it out in these countries.

  • Value: 4.5 / 5

Ring A19: Specs

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Here are the specs for the Ring A19 smart bulb
Ring A19
Designed for:Indoor / outdoor
Connectivity:Ring Bridge, Wi-Fi
Voice command compatibilityAlexa
Lumen output:Up to 800 lumens (adjustable), 3500K Color Temperature
Lifetime up to:25,000h
Light color:White
Wattage bulb included:8.5W
Dimensions: 4.35 x 2.48 x 2.48 in (110.5 x 63 x 63 mm)

Should I buy the Ring A19?

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Ring A19 report card
ValueThe Ring A19 is one of the more affordable smart light bulbs from a trusted brand.4.5 / 5
DesignDonning a more traditional light bulb design, this light bulb feels robust and easy to setup.4.5 / 5
PerformanceIt responds quickly to app and voice control, and doesn't suffer from intermittent issues. It only displays a single color temperature, however.4.5 / 5

Buy it if...

You want a basic smart light
While it can't display other white light temperatures, the Ring A19 comes with all the basics like adjustable brightness, app and voice control, and compatibility with other Ring smart devices (via the Ring Bridge).

You are on a tight budget
If you want to go cheap, the Ring A19 is in terms of performance and build a much better contender than those unknown brands you'll find on Amazon or Walmart.

Don't buy it if... 

You want adjustable color temperature
Sadly, you can only adjust its brightness and not its color temperature. This only displays warm 3500K light.

You have Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit
The Ring A19 only works with Alexa, even when it's connected to the Ring Bridge.

You want colors
This is a white light bulb so it can't display other colors. If you want a color-changing smart light bulb, then go for a Govee, Nanoleaf, or Philips Hue option.

Ring A19: Also consider

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Ring A19Philips Hue Lustre WhiteGovee Wi-Fi LED Bulb
Price: $14.99 (about £12, AU$23)£19.99 / AU$54.95 (about $25)$14 / £14 / AU$39.99
Designed for:Indoor / outdoorIndoorIndoor
Connectivity:Ring Bridge, Wi-FiBluetooth, Wi-Fi2.4GHz Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
Voice command compatibilityAlexaPhilips Hue app (Android & iOS), Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Matter, ZigBee; Apple HomeKit and Microsoft Cortana with Hue BridgeAlexa or Google Assistant
Lumen output:Up to 800 lumens (adjustable), 3500K Color Temperature470 lumen1000 lumens
Lifetime up to:25,000h2 yearsNot specified
Light color:WhiteWhite16 million colors
Wattage bulb included:8.5W5.7W9W
Dimensions: 4.35 x 2.48 x 2.48 in (110.5 x 63 x 63 mm)(45 x 77 x 45 mm)Not specified

Philips Hue Lustre White
These bulbs offer Philip's gorgeous mood-light settings at a really competitive price, upping the ante for smart bulbs. 

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Govee Wi-Fi LED Bulb
These smart bulbs are simple to use and connect directly to your Wi-Fi network so there’s no need for an additional hub. 

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How I tested the Ring A19

  • I tested the Ring A19 for a week
  • I tested its performance using Alexa and the Ring app

I tested the Ring A19 for a week, using it as one of the light bulbs in my living room. I noted its installation and setup, as well as its smart home features and performance. Since it's a more stripped-down smart light, there isn't much to test in terms of features. However, I did test its brightness adjustment as well as its ability to respond to voice commands and app control.

A big smart home fan, I've been a smart home user for a few years, with Philips Hue light bulbs being my very first smart home device. I've also been testing smart home devices, from smart lights and smart speakers to smart appliances like robot vacuums and heaters, since owning my first light bulbs.

We pride ourselves on our independence and our rigorous review-testing process, offering up long-term attention to the products we review and making sure our reviews are updated and maintained - regardless of when a device was released, if you can still buy it, it's on our radar.

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First reviewed November 2023

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