The Apple Watch 10 could get two big health-tracking upgrades

Two Apple Watch 9 models
The Apple Watch 9 launched in September 2023 (Image credit: Apple)

When the Apple Watch 10 (or quite possibly the Apple Watch X) shows up at some point in 2024, it's going to come with a new look and some significant new features, according to the latest reports.

In a comprehensive write-up of Apple's plans for its Apple Health platform at Bloomberg (via MacRumors), we hear that "hypertension and sleep apnea detection for the watch" are on the roadmap for its 2024 smartwatches.

The article goes on to say that the blood pressure monitoring will be relatively basic, compared to a dedicated device: it will apparently alert users when their blood pressure is trending upwards, and enable them to take a note of what was happening at the time.

Apple Watch 10 owners will still be directed to consult a doctor when it comes to blood pressure, and there won't be much in the way of diagnosis on the actual hardware itself. This "mix of trepidation and ambition" reflects Apple's health strategy overall at the moment, according to Bloomberg.

Some features are further off

Apple Watch Series 9

(Image credit: Apple)

As for the sleep apnea detection also planned for the Apple Watch 10, it will use sleeping and breathing patterns to try and identify when the issue might be a problem, before again advising the user to see a healthcare professional.

Efforts to add non-invasive blood glucose monitoring to the Apple Watch continue, Bloomberg says, though the feature – which would be very useful for diabetics – isn't likely to show up for a few years yet.

We've previously heard from Bloomberg that the Apple Watch 10 is in line for a redesign, with a thinner form factor. Blood pressure monitoring for the wearable has also been rumored for years, with the most recent leak suggesting it might show up in 2024 or 2025.

So while these rumors aren't completely new, we've not heard about them in this much detail before. If Apple follows its usual product launch schedule for 2024, the Apple Watch 10 should show up in September (and perhaps without the Apple Watch Ultra 3).

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