Sony has finally given the PSVR 2 the price cut we’ve been waiting for

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Sony's Days of Play sale has finally brought a deep price cut on PSVR 2 hardware. We've long thought that the peripheral's lofty price tag was just too much to ask for many folks, even those tempted, but now there's a proper price cut at long last.

Cutting to it: there is a $100 discount on the PSVR 2 Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle right now, taking it down to just $499.99 (was $599.99) at Amazon. There's also the same amount off the standard hardware pack, which is now just $449.99 (was $549.99) at Amazon.

This is never-before-seen territory for both variants of the virtual reality headset, and given the actual quality bit of hardware it is, might be enough of a discount to pull you in.

Lowest-ever prices on the PSVR 2

PSVR 2 Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle: $599.99 $499.99 at Amazon

PSVR 2 Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle: was $599.99 now $499.99 at Amazon
Finally, a proper, sizeable price cut on the PSVR 2 hardware! This is a new lowest-ever price as far as we can tell - and certainly a record low at the retailer making it the absolute best time to jump into the new generation of Sony's own Virtual Reality gaming and with its best game included to boot.

UK price: Amazon - £479.99

PSVR 2: $549.99 $449.99 at Amazon

PSVR 2: was $549.99 now $449.99 at Amazon
If you're just looking to pick up the hardware on its own, then that too has a $100 / £100 discount running on it right now bringing it down to a record-low price at the retailer.

UK price: Amazon - £438.99

Given there's also word of a PC adapter for PSVR 2 coming soon this purchase could see you get one of the best VR headsets for two platforms soon enough.

While we've been left a little deflated by the quality of PSVR 2's first year and a bit, we're still huge fans of it as a piece of innovative and quality gaming hardware. In our full PSVR 2 review, hardware editor Rhys Wood said that "Sony has nailed virtual reality on its second try" and that it "sets the bar high for future console-based virtual reality headsets". He did lament the price tag, but hopefully we'll soon start seeing more deals like the above on the headset as Sony attempts to shift more units of the PS5 accessory

If you're not in the US or UK and want to see the lowest prices and deals on the  PSVR 2 in your region, check out our auto-updating price-finding tech below.

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