Should you buy a PS5 TV or PS5 monitor this Black Friday?

The LG C3 TV and Sony Inzone M9 monitor on a colourful background
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Knowing whether to go with a TV or a monitor for your PlayStation 5 (PS5) is tougher than ever in 2023. There are just so many excellent options in both fields nowadays that picking one or the other just isn’t as easy as it used to be. Gone are the days when a console would only be paired with a TV, and monitors were only for PC players.

Now, with Black Friday PS5 deals in full flow, it’s a decision that’s worth mulling over properly as there’s a range of amazing Black Friday PS5 TV deals and Black Friday PS5 monitor deals, bringing a host of savings on both screen types. TVs and monitors are always staples of the sales season, often seeing the biggest price drops. This means that it's worth taking things seriously when it comes to spending your cash.

That’s where TRG comes in. We’ve made this helpful guide to talk you through the main selling points for PS5 TVs and PS5 monitors this Black Friday to assist you in making an informed decision before you take the plunge. There’s plenty to consider here, including screen size, savings, and much more besides.

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Buy a PS5 TV this Black Friday if…

The Sony A95L TV pictured in a light living room on a shelf

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You want as much screen space as possible

Simply put, if you’re after the biggest screen for your money this Black Friday then a TV is the only way to go. With even the smallest high-grade 4K PS5 TVs dwarfing the majority of monitors, a full-size television will give you the biggest experience going. 

During Black Friday you’ll often get the chance to save an enormous amount on TVs.  To use just one example of the impressive savings on offer, you'll be able to get your hands on 65-inch sets for the price of their 55-inch counterparts. Even the best TVs change entire price categories during the sales.

You have a ‘traditional’ console-focused home setup

Despite the evolution in gaming setups this generation, if yours - like mine - remains more ‘traditional,’ with gaming consoles tucked underneath your home’s main TV, then there’s likely to be little point considering a monitor this Black Friday. 

I love having my PS5, Xbox Series X, and PS3 (yup, you read that right) all plugged into our home’s main 55-inch TV and I don’t think I’d trade that arrangement in for a PS5 monitor. However, I would be tempted to enhance that setup with a better TV - some of the ones from the last few years have been designed with consoles in mind too. Many newer models boast dedicated gaming modes or hubs and the latest HDMI ports (such as the Sony A95K, Samsung S95C, and LG C3, to name just three), so an upgrade to an existing setup can still have spectacular results. 

The LG C3 OLED TV displaying a green and blue pattern.

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You mainly play single-player games

If you think about what games you mainly play, you can quickly work out whether a PS5 TV or PS5 monitor will be best for you. And if the answer to that enquiry is mainly single-player games, then a TV is - by measures of immersion and specs - going to be better suited to you. 

Playing the likes of The Witcher 3, The Last of Us Part II, or an Assassin’s Creed game on a big screen is a much more compelling experience by screen space alone. Given that TVs also aren’t geared toward the very fastest framerates (though they are capable of 120Hz now) they are natural companions of slower-paced single-player adventures. If that’s what you mainly play, and you have the setup to take a TV (or a bigger TV if you’re upgrading) then you can give monitors a miss. 

Of course, that’s not saying you can’t play Call of Duty, Apex Legends, or Fortnite to a high standard on a TV - you can - but the immersion a TV offers for single-player games can’t be beaten and is certainly one of the most compelling reasons to get a PS5 TV (or upgrade) this Black Friday over a monitor. 

You need something for entertainment and movies too

Naturally, your main gaming TV could well be your household’s main screen for movies, TV, and streaming too. As a result, if you’re looking to maintain that feature then a TV is the way forward with almost all modern smart TVs coming with the necessary apps like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime TV pre-installed.

If you need your next PS5 screen to offer this flexibility then it has to be a TV. It’s also worth thinking about this from a sound system perspective - if you already have a great sound setup then you’ll want to keep that by deploying it with a TV, rather than a smaller-scale, gaming monitor.

If a new PS5 TV is going to be for you this year then check out the below information on the latest and lowest prices on some of our favorite models.

Buy a PS5 monitor this Black Friday if...

Sony Inzone M9

(Image credit: Sony)

You have a dual PS5-PC setup

If you’ve put together a multi-device gaming setup, blending your PS5 and PC into one mega gaming unit, then a monitor is going to be for you this Black Friday. However, even if that’s not what you have now, but you intend on changing your setup to be a combination of the two powerhouses then you should definitely pay attention to the PS5 monitor deals we’ll see this sales season.

It's easier than ever to have one monitor serving both your PS5 and PC needs. There are plenty of premium models out there that offer all the specs, ports, and features you need to make the most of both. Even Sony recognized this with its Inzone M3 and Inzone M9 monitors that have been made with both platforms living side by side on one screen in mind. With an HDMI cable for your PS5 and a DisplayPort for your PC, your options are sublime if you're looking for one gaming screen to rule them all.

You prefer fast frame rates and are happy with lower resolutions

If silky smooth, lightning-fast frame rates are your primary concern for PS5 gaming then a monitor is going to be the better option. While many gaming TVs now offer 120Hz refresh rates, monitors have made their own leaps and bounds and can offer this rate - and more. This is a particularly important factor to consider if you have a PS5 and PC setup, as a monitor will then allow you to get the highest refresh rate that a PS5 can offer while offering a much larger ceiling for what a PC can get you. You may have to trade these superfast frames for resolution - but the PS5 can still work magic with a fast refresh 1080p monitor, for example.

You play fast online games or play competitively

As an extension of the above, if you play games competitively at all, then a monitor is always going to be a better fit. Not only will the higher refresh rates offered by monitors serve you better than a TV, but other features will be beneficial too. In particular, I’m referring to how response time can make a huge difference in twitchy, fast-paced games like Apex Legends. OLED TVs also offer improved response times now, admittedly, but a monitor will often team this with a superior refresh rate et al., too. 

The size of the screen from a competitive and online play perspective is an important factor here too. After all, there’s a reason why professional gamers only use smaller monitors in the 24 to 27 inch range. This is because this size is just more suited to what the human eye can receive visually, and process quickly. A large TV is great for immersion in single-player games, but it would be harder to process all the action of a busy online or competitive match. 

Looking to take the plunge on a monitor? Below are some of the latest prices and deals on some of our top picks to set you on your way.

Should you buy a PS5 TV or PS5 monitor this Black Friday?

Bravia A80J

(Image credit: Sony)

Ultimately, making this decision will come down to your personal setup. To be blunt and simple, we think that if you have an existing ‘traditional’ console setup then a TV is going to be better. The good news here is that there’s going to be a truckload of awesome, discounted TVs to upgrade to. If you’re a PC player looking to bring in a PS5, or someone who wants to keep a single setup on a gaming desk, then a monitor will be the better option as it’ll offer you a gaming-specific screen that will provide the best for both platforms. 

This is especially true with the likes of great gaming TVs such as the LG C-series of OLED panels are getting dangerously close to monitor sizes. The choice has, potentially, never been tougher - but there are still some clear enough factors to think about that will help you decide which is best for you.

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