All 5 of these PS5 SSDs have dipped below the magical 2TB-for-$100 mark for Black Friday

PS5 SSD deals Black Friday
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Some of the Black Friday gaming deals we've seen this year, quite unsurprisingly, have been for M.2 SSDs. More specifically, models that are compatible with the PS5 console.

Right now, brands like XPG and Lexar are representing some of the best Black Friday PS5 SSD deals at retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. What's especially impressive right now is that many of these models (some of which feature in our best SSD for PS5 guide) pack 2TB of storage south of a $100 price tag.

This fact alone makes the following discounts among the best Black Friday PS5 deals you can shop for this year. For many, the default 1TB of storage on PS5 simply won't be enough; especially considering many games boast install sizes upwards of 100-150GB these days. If you're sick of needing to delete games to make room for new ones, then consider checking out the deals we've listed below.

Today's best Black Friday PS5 SSD deals

Lexar NM790 SSD: $149.99 $94.95 at Amazon
Save $55 -

Lexar NM790 SSD: was $149.99 now $94.95 at Amazon
Save $55 - An excellent, underrated PS5 SSD and the first of our picks that gets you that sweet, sweet 2TB for under $100. It's also got its own heatsink which is great - and this is its lowest-ever price too.

XPG GAMMIX S70 Blade 2TB: $209 $99.99 at Best Buy
Save $109 -

XPG GAMMIX S70 Blade 2TB: was $209 now $99.99 at Best Buy
Save $109 - This is a wonderful price for a value-busting PS5 SSD - and one that bags you that much coveted '2TB-for-$100' ratio. It's got great performance, though offers a 'heat spreader' not a full heatsink - but you could buy one separately if you wanted the extra safety.

Price check: Amazon - $99.99 | Newegg - $99.99

Nextorage NEM-PA 2TB: $129.99 $99.99 at AmazonSave $30

Nextorage NEM-PA 2TB: was $129.99 now $99.99 at Amazon
Save $30 - You might not have heard of the brand, but it's well-regarded and offers value-busting PS5 SSD drives. A great deal and a drive that comes with its own bespoke heatsink. Nice.

Price check: Newegg - $99.99

Acer Predator GM7000 2TB: $110 $93.50 at AmazonSave $16

Acer Predator GM7000 2TB: was $110 now $93.50 at Amazon
Save $16 -A small saving, but one that gets a super PS5 SSD from a trusted brand below that magical mark and also down to its lowest-ever price as far as we can tell. You will need a heatsink here though - but that's where that extra $6.50 comes in, right?

Price check: Newegg - $109.99

Silicon Power XS70 2TB: $124.99 $98.99 at AmazonSave $26

Silicon Power XS70 2TB: was $124.99 now $98.99 at Amazon
Save $26 - I've used loads of Silicon Power hard drives in the past and it is an exceptionally reliable brand. Offering incredible value for money here, this drive also comes with its own heatsink so it'll just be a simple case of plug and go.

Price check: Newegg - $104.99

If you want some more options for 2TB PS5 SSDs then check out the latest lowest prices on a range of models as dug up by our price finding tech.

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