An actual DualSense Edge deal has finally arrived — and it's one PS5 owners shouldn't miss

Discounts on the DualSense Edge controller.
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If you've been searching for an opportunity to pick up the DualSense Edge at an absolute bargain price, then now is the time to act.

The DualSense Edge is currently on sale for just $174.99 (was $199) at Walmart, which is a pretty hefty $24.01 saving. This is well below the lowest-ever price of $194.99 that has been recorded over at Amazon and by far the best deal that we have ever seen on the controller from a reputable seller.

If you're a frequent PlayStation 5 player who is currently just making do with the original DualSense Wireless Controller, then this could be the perfect upgrade. Boasting a range of slick, high-end features to improve your play, it's well worth the investment at this reduced price.

Huge savings on the DualSense Edge

DualSense Edge: $199$174.99 at Walmart

DualSense Edge: was $199 now $174.99 at Walmart
You can't go wrong with this $24.01 saving on the DualSense Edge. It's the highest discount that we have ever seen from a reputable seller and well below the lowest-ever recorded price at Amazon.

Price check: Amazon - $199.21 | Best Buy - $199.99
UK price: Amazon - £198.13

The DualSense Edge is up there as one of the best PS5 controllers on the market. It boasts superior build quality, huge amounts of customization, and an array of mappable back buttons. It also boasts all of the great features of the original DualSense Wireless Controller, the superb including adaptive triggers.

In our DualSense Edge review, we praised its overall design, though weren't too pleased with its high price tag. Luckily, this discount really helps address that criticism. A range of accessories are included in the box, such as a robust carrying case that makes it easy to take the controller out and about. You also get a range of alternate thumbstick caps, ideal for those who prefer a different design.

It's just about the best deal that we've seen on any high-end controller ahead of Amazon Prime Day, where we expect lots of Amazon Prime Day PS5 deals at the online retailer. 

The deals don't end if you're not currently located in the US. You can browse a range of offers on the DualSense Edge in your region below.

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