Should I buy the Allswell mattress?

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Update: we've now tested this model out properly. Head straight to our full Allswell mattress review.

Founded in 2018, Allswell Home is part of the Walmart family and offers a range of mattresses. The Allswell is its cheapest mattress, but how does it stack up compared to the best mattresses on the market? Judging by the customer reviews, the Allswell could be one of the best cheap mattresses available but, as with all mattresses, it won’t suit everyone.

In this guide we’ll look at the mattress in detail, covering factors such as price, comfort, support and quality so that you can decide if it’s the right choice for you. Whilst the Allswell can’t necessarily compete with the very best hybrid mattresses, it’s certainly one of the top value hybrids to consider. Let’s take a look at it in more detail.

Allswell Mattress at a glance

With a starting price of $339 for a twin and frequent sales and offers to take advantage of, the Allswell mattress is a great option for those on a tighter budget. Made from a combination of polyfoam and individually wrapped pocket coils, the Allswell is finished off with a polyester and spandex blend cover that’s quilted with 0.75 inches of gel memory foam to help keep sleepers cool.

Allswell Mattress specs

Type: Hybrid
Trial Period: 100 days
Warranty: 10 years
Price: $339 – $539 (RRP)
Height: 10 inches
Firmness (1-10): 7 (Medium Firm)
User Review Rating: 4.4/5

Along with being a good choice for hot sleepers who are on a budget, we think the Allswell is particularly suited to light and average weight back and front sleepers, but heavy people are likely to find that it lacks enough support. Side sleepers will probably also struggle to get enough pressure relief from the Allswell. For a budget mattress, the Allswell mattress has surprisingly good motion isolation and could be a mattress for restless sleepers to consider. Based on reviews, the edge support isn’t bad either, which is really impressive for a mattress on the cheaper end of the scale. The Allswell mattress has a lot to recommend it.

The Allswell Mattress on a bed frame

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Allswell Mattress: Prices and deals

We’d say that the Allswell’s pricing places it at the higher end of the budget mattress in a box market, although the prices are extremely reasonable for what is a decent hybrid mattress, especially if you can save with Allswell coupons. Let’s look at the prices in more detail:

  • Twin: $339
  • Twin XL: $349
  • Full: $379
  • Queen: $449
  • King: $539
  • Cal King: $539

The Full mattress is a particularly reasonably priced option, especially when compared to the twin but this is a well-priced budget mattress whatever size you choose. In terms of deals, we sometimes see 25% off, and when that's not live you may see a popup that offers you 15% off when you sign up to the Allswell newsletter. If it's still a little expensive for you, our guide to the best twin mattress under $100 can point you at some super-cheap options.

Allswell Mattress: design and materials

The Allswell is a hybrid mattress combining quilted memory foam, polyfoam and pocketed coils to create a surprisingly good mattress for its cost. The polyester and spandex blend cover is quilted with 0.75 inches of charcoal and copper gel memory foam that’s designed to draw heat away from the body and keep sleepers cool throughout the night.

Next up are 2 inches of bouncy polyfoam that does an excellent job of responding quickly to pressure, as well as allowing sleepers to change position easily. The main support layer of the mattress is made up of individually wrapped pocket coils, which give the mattress its stability and support. They’re also great at encouraging airflow. The mattress is supported by 0.75 inches of high-density polyfoam, which supports the coils and keeps the mattress stable and in shape.

Product shot of the Allswell Mattress

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All the foams used in the Allswell mattress are CertiPUR certified, meaning they’re free from harmful chemicals and heavy metals, as well as being environmentally friendly. Like most mattresses containing foam and arriving compressed, the Allswell will emit a slight smell when first unboxed, known as off-gassing. This is not harmful and should dissipate quickly, particularly if you open a window.

Allswell Mattress: Comfort and support

If you’re looking for a bouncy hybrid that still offers support and pressure relief at a reasonable price, the Allswell mattress is a great choice for a lot of sleepers. Light and average weight back and front sleepers should feel supported, with weight evenly distributed along the mattress.

We wouldn’t say it’s a great choice for side sleepers as the firmer feel of the Allswell could cause pain and pressure build-up around the shoulders and hips. Heavier weight sleepers are also likely to feel lacking in support, plus there’s the danger that they will sink straight through the thin layers of memory foam and polyfoam and end up sleeping directly on the coils.

Memory foam – and especially cheaper memory foam – can have a habit of trapping body heat. Here, Allswell has added charcoal and copper gel with the aim of helping to regulate temperature, and based on reviews it seems to do a decent job. There are some comments around this mattress sleeping on the warm side, but nothing to suggest it's a major problem. The fact that it's a relatively thin layer of foam, and that it sits on top of a layer of coils – where air can circulate freely – will also help. 

Despite this being a fairly bouncy mattress that's easy to move around on, reviews are almost all very positive with regard to motion transfer – there are plenty of customers that praise how well it absorbs the movements of others in the bed. That means it's also worth considering if you share a bed with a restless partner.

Should you buy the Allswell mattress?

For the right sleepers the Allswell mattress does indeed provide bang for your buck. It’s a much better mattress than its budget price tag would suggest.

The gel memory foam and individually wrapped pocket coils promoting airflow do a decent job of regulating temperature, so you shouldn't have an issue with this mattress sleeping hot. And it’s also suitable for those who share their bed with a restless sleeper, with multiple customers saying motion transfer is minimal with this mattress – all the more impressive given the slightly bouncy sleep feel, which makes it easy to switch position through the night.

Back and front sleepers of light and average weight should find the mattress offers firm support and pressure relief, but side sleepers will most probably find the Allswell too firm for their shoulders and hips. It’s also not a great choice for heavier weight sleepers, who may find they sink straight through the foam layers and rest uncomfortably on the coils. Some user reviews also suggest that long term durability could be an issue but for its reasonable price there’s a lot to recommend this mattress.

Allswell Mattress: Competitors

Lucid 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Lucid 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress on a bed

(Image credit: Lucid)

This Lucid mattress is another good budget offering which comes in a wide range of different comfort options: firm, medium firm, medium plush and plush. This means you can tailor the mattress to your individual sleeping style. It also does a good job of keeping sleepers cool at night, with a layer of cooling gel memory foam followed by a layer of bamboo charcoal memory foam.

Siena Memory Foam Mattress

The Siena Memory Foam Mattress on a bed

(Image credit: Siena Sleep)

If you prefer the traditional hug of an all-foam mattress, then the Siena is a great reasonably priced option to consider. The three layers of foam include responsive memory foam that adapts to your body. In our Siena mattress review, our testers were super impressed with the quality on offer here for such an affordable price, although be aware it's firmer than advertised. These mattresses are quite different from each other, so check out our Siena vs Allswell mattress face-off to see which budget bed is better for you.

Ikea Hasvåg Spring Mattress 

Product shot of IKEA HASVÅG mattress

(Image credit: IKEA)

You won’t find much cheaper than the Hasvåg rolled mattress from Ikea. This is a more traditional sprung mattress with Bonnell springs combined with PU foam instead of memory foam to keep the costs down. What this does mean is that you won’t get any contouring from the mattress and it’s also thin at 8 ¼ inches.

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