This Honor 70 deal comes with free Earbuds 3 Pro worth £189

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Looking to upgrade your phone to a top-tier device for cheap? This limited-time Honor 70 deal gives you a premium handset as well as free Earbuds 3 Pro worth £189 - all for just £499 at Honor. But be quick because the deal ends tomorrow

You will also be saving some money on the device itself as it's currently discounted from its original price of £529, saving you an extra £30 on top of the freebies you get. Considering this phone was only just recently launched at IFA 2022, this is a pretty good deal this early in the product cycle. And that's not even the end of it, you cam also get up to £800 credit if you trade in an old device - there are some really big savings to be made there.

The Honor 70 looks and feels like a premium device, despite the pricing of a mid-range handset. It has a great processor and camera, as well as a slick design, and while the screen could do with a higher-res, it's still bright and bold making TV shows and gaming very enjoyable. 

The Honor 70 also features really decent battery, at least enough to easily get you through a day of use without worrying about draining it with social media scrolling or listening to the Arctic Monkey's discography on repeat.

The free Honor Earbuds 3 Pro included in this deal are also real treat. These earbuds are the Android equivalent of AirPods, with a similar build and features, but actually better sound quality. By themselves, they're worth £189, which makes getting them for free with this Honor 70 deal a significant bonus.

This is one of the best cheap mobile phones deals we'll likely see this side of Black Friday and one that will make anyone on the hunt for an affordable new device very satisfied. 

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Honor 70: from £529 £499 plus free earbuds
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This Honor 70 deal not only gives you a premium phone for the price of a mid-range, but also throws in the best AirPods-equivalent for Android devices - the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro - which normally cost £180, for free. Honor also offers its own trade-in plan and you could save up to £800 by trading in an old device, making the deal practically free if you're eligible.

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