PS5 restock at Amazon sells out - here's where to get a console next

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Update: The latest PS5 Digital Edition console restock at Amazon has now sold out. It was gone very quickly but hopefully you managed to get one. If not, do keep an eye on our PS5 restock hub for all the latest news as there may be a number of standard PS5 consoles available to buy later today or on March 31.

The next PS5 restock will take place at Amazon later today when a number of PS5 Digital Edition consoles will be available to buy from 11am ET / 8am PT. Amazon Prime members get priority access to the restock – and we strongly suggest signing up for an Amazon Prime free trial if you aren't already a member as consoles are guaranteed to sell out in minutes.

We first heard about this latest Amazon PS5 restock directly from the retailer on Twitter. It announced that the PS5 Digital Edition would be available to buy once again on March 30, along with the specific time consoles would be live on the site.

As a reminder, if you buy this version of Sony's latest console then you have to buy all your games digitally and it does not include a disc drive. Because of that, it costs $399 - that's $100 less than that standard PS5. While that's a big saving if you don't mind the compromise, fewer of these consoles are manufactured so it's often a lot harder to get hold of during a restock event.

What about the standard PS5, then? Well, Amazon hasn't confirmed whether this console will also be restocked at the same time, but they have been in the past. There's also a strong indication that it could be available today as a previous message on the product page stated that Prime Day would get priority access to the PS5 until March 31. The console hasn't been available at Amazon all month, so we think this PS5 restock should take place on or before March 31. Keep an eye on the store page from 11am ET on March 30 as well, then.

PS5 restock at Amazon (from 11am ET / 8am PT)

PS5 (Digital Edition): $399 at Amazon

PS5 (Digital Edition): $399 at Amazon
The PS5 Digital Edition will be in stock at Amazon from 11am ET / 8am PT on March 30. A very limited number of consoles will be available, with priority access given to Amazon Prime subscribers. This version of the console does cost $100 less than the main PS5, but it doesn't include a disc drive, so you'll have to buy digital copies of all your games through Sony's PSN Store.

PS5: $499 at Amazon

PS5: $499 at Amazon
Though it hasn't been confirmed yet, we've got a strong indication Amazon will have the standard PS5 for sale on or before March 31, too. We suggest keeping an eye on this store page around the same time as the Digital Edition restock today in case it also goes live. We'll update you if we hear any news before then.

If you want to do a bit more research on Sony's latest consoles before this week's restock, we've got a PS5 vs PS5 Digital Edition comparison guide that covers all the main differences between the two.

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And if you're not after the PS5? Well, we haven't heard much for a while, but we're still tracking all the latest Xbox Series X restock info in case you're still trying to buy Microsoft's latest console.

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